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    Colorado Springs Karate, MMA, Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Grappling & Self Defense. At Champions Martial Arts, Master Todd Bradley and his team of instructors teach Kempo Karate, Jujitsu, Grappling and Krav Maga. We also have a MMA class and Grappling class. We specialize in teaching realistic self defense skills to our students. Master Todd Bradley is a 7th degree Black Belt Master in Karate and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga with over 41 years studying Martial Arts.

    At Champions our younger students will learn realistic self defense skills as well as better discipline, confidence, focus and a never give up attitude. Our adult students will learn realistic self defense skills, get in better shape and help relieve stress. Many Colorado Springs Martial Arts schools focus mainly on sport or competition, which is fun but may not save your life in a real self defense situation. Our focus is on the four elements of self defense. Punching skills, Kicking skills, Transition to the ground or restraining skills and Ground fighting skills, all of these are equally important. We work very hard to make our classes fun and exciting. You will get in great shape, reduce stress and learn realistic self defense skills all at the same time.

    Master Todd Bradley

    Personal History

    • Retired U.S. Army from 1992 to 2013 as a Combat Engineer. Active duty abroad in Germany and Bosnia, Herzegovina. Recipient of the NATO Peace Medal, for service in Bosnia.
    • Over 41 years of Martial Arts experience.
    • Devoted and dedicated to teaching Martial Arts and changing the lives of every one that studies with him.
    • Dedicated husband, father of four and community member.



    • Qualified 7th Dan Black Belt with an accumulative forty years experience in twenty five different styles of Martial Arts and over 38 years studying Kempo/JuJitsu karate.
    • Experienced and certified staff of eight Self defense instructors.
    • Responsible for training and development of thousands of children and adults spanning a thirty year period with emphasis on building character, self-confidence, self-defense, self-discipline, etiquette and self-control.
    • Community involvement in Colorado Springs in various self-defense programs: Boys & Girls Club at TUTT & Chelton, Cheyenne Mountain and Keller Elementary Schools, and Russell Middle School. Teaching Krav Maga at Ft. Carson and taught Military Combatives to US Army.
    • Featured on Channel 11 (KFOX) and in The Gazette for numerous children’s and self-defense programs in Colorado Springs.
    • Expert Black Belt instructor in Israeli Krav Maga
    • Continued training in Krav maga, Kempo, JuJutsu, Grappling & Goju Shorei Jujitsu and Goju Shorei weapons system with Soke Dave McNeill.

    School Commitment Level

    • Our emphasis is empowering and bringing out the best in our students through realistic Self Defense classes which build confidence, respect, pride and spirit.

    Martial Arts Experience & Time Line

    • 1977 Studied–JUDO, Ocean City, N.J.
    • 1978 Studied—Tae Kwon Do, Smithville, N.J
    • 1981 Studied—JUJITSU & AMERICAN KENPO KARATE, Huntington Beach, C.A.
    • 1983 Studied—SHAOLIN KEMPO & CHINESE KEMPO, Syracuse, N.Y.( Karazenpo Go Shin Jitsu).
    • 1987 Received—1st Degree Black Belt SHAOLIN KEMPO / Natick, Mass.
    • 1989 Received—2nd Degree Black Belt SHAOLIN KEMPO / Albany, NY
    • 1991 Studied—GO JU RYU, Sommers Point, N.J.
    • 1992 Joined—U.S. ARMY(1992-2001)
    • 1993 Trained over Sea’s in Europe while active duty Army & at Ft. Lewis, WA. & Ft. Carson, CO.
    • 2000 Studied—HAPKIDO (6 months)
    • 2000 Studied – SHAOLIN KEMPO with Tom Ingargiola-Long Island NY
    • 2001 Received 4th Degree Black Belt in KEMPO/Las Vegas, NV.
    • 2005 Studying GoJu Shorei Weapons System//Certified to Teach GoJu Shorei Weapons System
    • 2005 August Tested for Master level 5th Degree Black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate
    • with Grand Master David McNeill-Reno, Nevada
    • 2005 Published DVD video set White belt thru Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.
    • 2007 Authored Shu Ha Ri JuJitsu Manual White belt thru Black belt – 180 techniques & 400 pictures.
    • 2007 Published Shu Ha Ri JuJitsu DVD video
    • 2008 Graduated Team 5 Ultimate Black Belt Test
    • 2009 Promoted to 6th Dan Kempo/Jujitsu
    • 2009 Certified to Teach Army Combatives MACP
    • 2014 Earned Black belt in IKI Israeli Krav Maga with Master Moshe Katz
    • 2017 Earned 2nd degree Black Belt in Krav Maga with Moshe Katz from Israel.
    • 2017 Earned My 7th degree Black Belt in Kempo Karate with Soke Dave McNeill.
    • 2018 Currently Training and Teaching Martial Arts with my main focus on Kempo Karate, Jujitsu and Israeli Krav Maga.
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