• 2017 Champions Martial Arts Schedule

    9:00 am
    9:30 am
    10:00 am
    10:30 am
    11:20 am
    4:00 pm
    4:45 pm
    5:30 pm
    5:45 pm
    6:00 pm
    6:30 pm
    7:30 pm

    Students are expected to:

    • Attend class on a regular and consistent basis (at least 2 times/week).
    • To give 100% effort every time you come to class.
    • Arrive 5-10 minutes early for your scheduled class.
    • Memorize and apply the 5 school rules and Student Creed.
    • Get picked up immediately after scheduled class.
    • There can be no children left at the studio unattended, unless they are currently in a scheduled class.
    • Do not disturb class in session.
    • Date and Scan Membership Card – hand to Sensei Kempo.
    • Kempo Students if wearing a T-shirt it must be a Champions T-shirt.
    • Keep uniforms neat, clean, and odor free.
    • *Power Class: open to all Kempo students.
    • Bring sparring gear to every class.
    • Uniform for Krav Maga is a Champions or IKI T-shirt

    Kempo classes are 45 min. / Krav Maga classes are 60 min. / Power class is 30 min. / KM Fitness classes are 45 min. in morning & 30 min. evening

    Champions Martial Arts Class Schedule
    Champions Martial Arts , 2950 Janitell Rd #131,Colorado Springs,Colorado80906
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