• MMA is a mix of Grappling skills and Stand up fighting skills, at Champions Martial Arts the MMA classes are taught by Master Todd Bradley. Coach Todd ┬áhas over 40 years of Martial Arts training in many Martial Arts.

    At Champions Coach Todd will get you ready for what ever your goals may be, get in better shape, get an intense workout, learn self defense or compete in the cage.

    We teach a mix of Jujitsu, Submission wrestling/fighting, Kickboxing, Bjj and Muay Thai.

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    Champions MMA Training and Grappling Classes
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    Champions MMA Training and Grappling Classes
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    Champions Martial Arts,
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Champions MMA Mixed Martial Arts classes are a mix of American and Muay Thai kickboxing for stand-up fighting and grappling skills are a mix of BJJ, Judo, Jujitsu