• Krav Maga Classes and Schedule in Colorado Springs

    Krav Maga – Close Quarter Combat Israeli style training and techniques

    Krav Maga is the unarmed portion of combat; defense against guns, knives, sticks, and hand to hand combat. It is a simple, user friendly style, designed to meet the needs of modern self defense. Unlike traditional styles it is constantly being revised based on lessons learned on the battlefield and in combating terrorists.

    Krav Maga learning from the source

    Benefits of Krav Maga System

    • Get in shape while becoming safer
    • Increase stamina, strength and endurance
    • Improve self image and self esteem
    • Gain valuable street smart defensive skills and learn more with each class

    Krav Maga school rules

    1. Class uniforms are either a Champions t-shirt or a IKI Krav Maga t-shirt
    2. Athletic shoes may be worn, no street shoes please
    3. Show respect to other students training at all times-no attitudes
    4. Mouth piece, boxing gloves & hand wraps are recommended for safety


    Fill out 3×5 attendance card and scan it on the computer. This is how we track your attendance and progress for testing to a new level of Krav Maga. It is recommended to train 2 or more times a week.

    Levels and color belts

    All students start at level 0. There are five levels in Krav Maga, there are also belts. Yellow-level 1, Orange-level 2, Green-level 3, Blue-level 4 and Brown-level 5. There are also instructor levels as well. It takes approximately 4 months to go to level 1, with a minimum of 32 classes.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Beginner 0/1 Beginner 0/1 Beginner 0/1 Grappling Beginner 0/1
    6:30-7:30 7:15-8:15 6:30-7:30 7:15-8:15 10:30-11:20

    Krav Maga Class Schedule

    Champions Martial Arts

    2950 Janitell Rd. #131, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 | (719) 520-5844

    Kempo Karate-Jujitsu-Krav Maga

    Krav Maga Classes by Champions Martial Arts
    Champions Martial Arts, 2950 Janitell Rd. #131,Colorado Springs,CO80906
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