• Testimonials for Champions Martial Arts

    My initial goals in signing my 8 and 6 year old children up for martial arts were to begin a foundation for self- discipline, learn some basic self-defense techniques, and get exercise after school. After a month of watching my kids, I felt comfortable and intrigued enough to join myself. We have all been doing martial arts for one year. Every one of these goals have been met and exceeded. I have found the Champions staff to be knowledgeable, friendly, and motivating. It is a great pleasure to learn from the Champions team.

    Traci Peters


    I cannot say enough about Todd and the instructors at Champions Martial Arts.  They provide encouraging and comprehensive training appropriate for any and all experience levels.  The real world practicality of the skills they provide is always emphasized, and defense of self remains the top priority.  Krav Maga has provided me with a sense of self-reliance that I have never experienced before.  

     ~Allie May


    Learning Krav Maga at Champions Martial Arts has not only helped me feel more confident in self-defense situations, but has also given me more confidence in myself overall. Not only do I get to work on Krav Maga but I also get to get additional training in grappling, sparring and jiujitsu.  Learning all of these skills together makes me feel extremely prepared for real life situations involving the safety of myself and my family.